Broomhouse Community Council

All BCC representatives are formally elected, following an approval process by Glasgow City Council officials, representatives must live permanently in the Broomhouse area.

The most recent elections were held in February 2020 and the following were elected and accepted as members:

Chairperson – Lyndsay McNaught

Treasurer – Anthony Brawley

Secretary – Jennifer Smith

Planning Contact  – Anthony Brawley

Licensing Contact – Anthony Brawley

Member – Allison Lawson

Member – Audrey McGuiness

Member – Gavin Lawson

Member – George McNaught

Member – George McGuiness

Member – Ian Whyte

Member – John Donald

Member – Mags Arthur

Any contact to BCC representatives should be via our contact page

Glasgow City Council

Broomhouse is designated part of the Baillieston ‘ward’ 20 within Glasgow City.

It has three elected members (Councillors) which represent the entire ward:

Elaine Ballantyne (Scottish National Party)

Phillip Charles (Conservative)

James Coleman (Labour)

Member of Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP’s)

Broomhouse is within the SYP Glasgow East Constituency.

Our MSYP’s are:

Greg Hepburn & David Stewart

Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP’s)

Broomhouse is within the constituency of Glasgow – Shettleston.

Our Constituency MSP is:

John Mason (Scottish National Party)

Our (Glasgow) Regional MSP’s are:

Ruth Davidson (Conservative & Unionist Party)

Bob Doris (Scottish National Party)

Patrick Harvie (Scottish Green Party)

Hanzala Malik (Scottish Labour)

Anne McTaggart (Scottish Labour)

Drew Smith (Scottish Labour)

Humza Yousaf (Scottish Labour)

Member of Parliament (MP)

Broomhouse is within the constituency of Glasgow East

Our MP is:

David Linden (SNP)

Member of European Parliament (MEP)

Scotland is represented by 6 MEP’s, further information on these, can be found at the European Parliament site

3 Replies to “Representatives”

  1. I wonder if someone on the council could possibly help me as I cannot get an answer from Glasgow City Council. I live at 538 Hamilton road , a house that until 2 years or so ago could not be seen from the main road, the white detached house number 536 was demolished and since then a huge ugly piece of land has been my outlook. My problem is that I live down the lane and everyday almost someone dumps something in the lane. At the moment there are carpets, tv, chairs, sofa etc . I have asked the council on several occasions to remove these items but to no avail. I also have a huge issue getting out the lane in the car because although lines have been painted on Hamilton road , cars are still parked over them or indeed over the bottom of the lane on many occasions. This has all started since 536 was brought down. I find buckfast bottles and cans in my garden and it the thought of people around my house at night unsettles me. I just need a contact name to help me get the fly tipping cleaned up and perhaps double yelloe lines on the main road at the end of the lane. Thank you.

    1. I love in the white bungalow opposite and the issue of fly tipping has been upsetting is also. The other issue is that there seems to be a lot of rubbish around the area and a general disregard. It would be good to know what is happening with the land opposite my house (and just next to yours)because all the bins from be flats are being left in an absolute state – it looks horrendous! We didn’t have these problems when we first moved to the area 2 years ago and it seems to be getting worse.

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