Consultation on School Holidays from 2018/19 to 2019/20 – Respond by 30th September 2017

Published 24th August 2017

The current pattern of school term dates, holidays and In Service days is set until July 2018.

Glasgow City Council has developed a draft calendar for the following two years and wants to hear the views of parents, carers, pupils, staff and the wider public before the dates are finalised.

The consultation will be open until 30 September 2017, thereafter, responses will be considered before finalising any dates.

The proposed school holiday dates can be found on the School Holidays  page on the Glasgow City Council website.

Please email your views to or write to us at

Education Consultations,
Glasgow City Council
City Chambers East,
40 John Street,
G1 1JL.

Woodland Trust Street Trees Project


Woodland Trust Street Trees Project – Ongoing
The Woodland Trust has launched a new project to help protect trees in the urban environment. The Street Trees project needs your help!
We’re entering into an exciting new era for your urban environment. We are looking for either existing community groups or groups of neighbours to come together and host events to celebrate their street trees, and show their appreciation of these trees to the local council.
Are trees right up your street?
Did you know that around 82% of people in the UK live in urban areas with even more spending much of their daily lives in town and cities?
“Trees play an integral role in UK culture; they are our roots in nature and make our world more habitable. But we take them for granted in our modern urban societies.”
If you recognise the beauty and value of trees in our urban areas, then the Street Trees project is right up your street.
What is the Street Trees project?
The Woodland Trust has a vision for the future of towns and cities, where people and trees live alongside each other in harmony. Trees have always been there for you; cleaning your air, cooling your streets, making sure the place looks classy. Now they’re in trouble and they need your help.
We are here to help communities and local authorities work together to find solutions that ensure the survival of our cherished trees. But we need your help to show how important your street’s trees are to you and your community. With the support of the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery we have created a Celebration Starter Kit for Street Trees, to help you celebrate the trees on your streets by holding events or parties that get your community together. The resource packs are full of materials to help you celebrate your trees, learn more, and show your council and neighbours how much you appreciate your trees. They are suitable for all ages and there’s also lots of information on practical ways to protect your trees and let your council know how important they are.
We also want to showcase inspiring ideas and events throughout the summer and autumn, and in November 2017 we’d like everyone that is participating in the project to show how much they care for their local trees by taking part in a tree dressing day as part of National Tree Week.  We’ll then celebrate the efforts of participants with an awards ceremony where the biggest and best events will be given the spotlight to shine.  The more groups that can get together and the more events and celebrations they can run the greater chance there is that their street will be chosen for an award.  It’s all about celebrating your community and showing your local government how important trees are to you.  It really is as simple as that.
You can apply by going onto our website and completing the online application form, ensuring that you answer all of the questions and provide as much detail as possible, and also upload a photo as well if you can.
We hope this will inspire you to apply to the Street Trees project. Find out more and apply for your Celebration Starter Kit today at

Scam ‘BT’ Email – Beware!

There is a scam email currently in circulation which pretends to originate from BT.

This email is NOT from BT and is a fake which if you click on the links, can potentially infect your device with malware and or a virus.

The email plays on your reactions, i.e. you see a potentially very large bill and panic and the scammers hope you go to investigate by clicking on the links and perhaps even filling in your account details, which the scammers will be logging.  This type of email is currently circulating and pretending it originates from BT, Vodaphone, O2 & Apple, to name just a few – don’t get caught out!

If you receive an email of this type, DO NOT CLICK on any of the links, instead immediately delete the email. If you do have an account with the company the email is ‘supposedly’ from, go to their website direct by typing in their address to your browser and logging in – this is far safer than clicking on any links.

The Sun Newspaper also reported this scam on April 2017 –

If you receive an email like this, you can report it to Action Fraud UK here –

Further information on how to deal with emails of this type can be found here –



Broomhouse Summer Fete

Our Summer Fete will be held at Broomhouse Park on Sunday 25th June from 12:00-15:00

Volunteers still needed – email if you can give a few hours on the day to help out.

Help from residents would be very much appreciated.

Cyber Attack/Ransomware – Your personal computer could be at risk of infection











Cyber Attack – your personal computer could be at risk of infection.

The best advice we can offer is to ensure Windows Update is enabled automatically and to immediately check if the latest patches have been downloaded to your computer. Update your anti-virus software and be vigilant regarding links in emails – clicking malicious links is how you could be infected.

Below is detailed guidance from Microsoft to help protect your computer

Background on the attack, further reading and advice is contained in the link below:

The Register

Further detailed reading is here:

Factsheets 2017 and 2011 Census Profiles for Wards

This is to let you know that the Factsheets for the 23 Council Wards are now published on the Council website:

The Ward Factsheets for the former 21 Council Wards have been taken off and are no longer available from the Council website.

The 2011 Census profiles for the former Wards have been replaced by 2011 Census profiles for the new Wards, see:

Baillieston Ward (in which Broomhouse resides) is below:

All Wards –


Improving Parking in Scotland Consultation Launched

On 31 March, Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for Transport and the Islands, announced the launch of the public consultation on improving parking in Scotland. The consultation explores how parking is managed across the country, and invites views on how we can deliver a consistent approach to managing and enforcing parking on public roads, including trunk roads, while improving accessibility for all.

Since obtaining powers to legislate on parking matters in the Scotland Act 2016, the Scottish Government is undertaking a detailed review of parking. The Scottish Government recognises the detrimental impact that irresponsible and obstructive parking can have on local communities, including restricting access for emergency services and putting the safety of pedestrians and other motorists in jeopardy.

The impact of parking goes further than governing where people can leave their vehicles. The rules can have a direct impact on town centre regeneration and on accessibility, including the provision of disabled spaces, so it is important that that communities, businesses and interest groups from across Scotland have an opportunity to put their views across to create a set of policies that can help make our roads safer, greener and available to all.

The consultation paper seeks views on a number of aspects, including:

  • how Scottish Government can make parking laws clearer
  • what parking restrictions and exemptions should apply
  • the best approach for managing parking, and
  • how to manage the placement of vehicles in today’s town centres, including improving accessibility for all, while incorporating new technology.

The consultation is open to all and all interested parties are encouraged to take part in the consultation via the Scottish Government’s consultation platform, Citizen Space, at and will run until 30 June 2017. The consultation paper can be found here –

For further information about the consultation or to request different formats of the document, please email

Glasgow Parks Strategy

Hello there!

Over the past year, Pidgin Perfect have been working with Glasgow City Council’s Land and Environmental Services to develop a strategy to secure a vibrant and sustainable future for Glasgow’s many beautiful Parks and Greenspaces.
In order to create a strategy that works for all of Glasgow’s park users, Pidgin Perfect are hoping to gather the thoughts, opinions and ideas of as many park users as possible. Below is the link to a short questionnaire with a number of questions about how you would like to see Glasgow’s Parks and Greenspaces develop in the future. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete and all your answers will be anonymised.

Please share this questionnaire with any friends, family or colleagues who you think would also be interested in the future of Glasgow’s Parks and Greenspaces. You can also share it through social media.

If you have any comments, questions or anything else you’d like to add please don’t hesitate to get in touch either at or on 0141 2264092.
Thank you for your input!

Smart Communities DIGIKnow Event 18th May 2017

Following the success of our DIGIknow event last year, Smart Communities will be running another DIGIknow event on THURSDAY 18TH MAY. This time, we’ll be focusing on providing one-to-one digital support for local people to learn digital skills, with the help of Volunteer Digital Champions. There will be some one-to-one training slots will be available on the day, but we recommend booking to guarantee a place: To book a place go to: or call us on 0141 550 9575 See flyer above for further details.

DIGIknow you could get FREE one-to-one support to learn the digital skills that are important to you?

Join our Smart Communities staff and Volunteer Digital Champions at our DIGIknow learning hub for one-to-one digital support, as well as a chat and a bite to eat!

Bring along your own device, or use our computers and internet to learn whatever you want to learn.

You could learn about:

  • Applying for work online
  • Keeping in touch with people
  • How to use your own smartphone or tablet
  • Creating a CV
  • Using email
  • How to find good deals online

And so much more!

There will be some one-to-one sessions available on the day, but we highly recommend booking a place to guarantee one-to-one learning.

Bags Of Help Greenspace Funding Exciting Changes

Bags Of Help Greenspace Funding Exciting Changes – Information For Community Councils

Do you know a local greenspace that needs improving in Glasgow City Council? Do you want to run activities in your greenspaces or parks? Local authorities, community groups and organisations can all apply for Tesco Bags of Help funding!

Great news – in order to give Tesco customers a say much more frequently on where their money goes, the Tesco Bags of Help grant scheme is now permanently open for applications. Bags of Help will now see the money raised by the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in England, Wales and Scotland opened up to a greater range of projects that support community participation in the development and use of open spaces.

There are also some other exciting changes. Projects that can be put forward for funding include physical improvements to outdoor spaces, greenspaces and parks and activities on them. There is no match funding requirement and no restrictions on existing project funding.

Projects that will now get the green light as a result of the funding will include volunteer training, physical improvements of open spaces, equipment purchases, community events and sports and leisure activities.

Following a public vote in Tesco stores, three projects in each of the Tesco regions will receive a grant each month, with first place receiving up to £5K, second place up to £2K and third place up to £1K.
Bags of Help is administered by Groundwork, working in Scotland with greenspace scotland. Full eligibility criteria and detailed application guidance is available online here
Good luck and please get in touch if you need support or advice when submitting your application. Sign up to our e-bulletin using the link in my signature to keep up to date with Tesco Bags of Help and other greenspace news.

Please help us spread the word in Glasgow City Council. Share this information with your networks, friends, colleagues, other groups and organisations. Feel free to use it in digital communications and e-newsletters.