Flooding between Mount Lockhart estate and Greenoakhill estate

At the rear of North Calder Place, there is a strip of land which sits higher than the houses on North Calder Place.  Higher still sit the houses in the Greenoakhill estate.

In April 2010, Glasgow City Council DRS department granted planning permission to Glasgow City Council under application no. 10/01010/DC for the formation of a bund and associated landscaping.  This was to alleviate flooding in the exact strip of land between the two estates.




Note section 6 Detailed Description of Proposed Development – “Creation of an earth bund in land to reduce the risk of flooding to the surrounding residential area, and associated landscaping.”

As far as we know this work went ahead and was successful.  Approx one year later someone else came along with surveying equipment and excavators and dug a trench from the strip of land down towards Boghall/Daldowie Rd and eventually down to Hamilton Rd.  This trench was shaped to allow water to flow naturally down the hill to the sewer system on Hamilton Rd, it removed the large build up of water from the strip of land to the rear of North Calder Place, again we believe this was working fairly well (although we don’t know who carried out this work as we cant find an associated planning application).

Since the works begun (and subsequently have stopped) to realign Boghall Rd this trench has been blocked and has effectively been turned into a moat, thus causing significant flooding issues on the strip of land to the rear of North Calder Place.  Our residents in this area also tell us that their gardens are also now flooded.

We will be asking our local councillors for help to resolve this situation for our residents.

Below is the strip of land between the two estates.


This is the trench that was excavated to allow the water to flow away naturally. The trench is approx 3 to 4 feet deep.






Here the trench has been blocked since the works on Boghall Rd realignment begun, thus the water has nowhere to go…IMAG1152


Why has work stopped on Boghall Rd Realignment?

We have recently been inundated by questions from concerned local residents asking why the works on the Boghall Rd Realignment have stopped.  We hope the below explains the situation.

Modification of Planning Obligation



Glasgow City Council granted modification to condition no 7 of 10/00056/DC on the 4th November 2014.

Condition No 7 States the following;

No work shall start on site in implementation of this permission until an application for full planning permission has been submitted to the planning authority for the upgrade of the western section of Boghall Road, between Hamilton Road and the section that has already been upgraded by Bellway Homes. Thereafter, no homes shall be occupied on the Ellismuir Farm site until the upgrading work to the road has been completed and the traffic calming measures in Condition 04 (m) implemented”.

Reason; to make sure that the local road network can absorb the traffic that is predicted to be generated by the development, in the interests of pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Miller Homes submitted an application to Glasgow City Council to have this condition modified to allow occupation of homes in advance of the completion of the upgraded western section of Boghall Road. Glasgow City Council granted permission to allow modification to this condition and allow up to 50 homes to be occupied on the Ellismuir Farm site. This approval by GCC was in spite of a long campaign by Broomhouse Community Council and over 20 objections letters submitted to GCC planning committee which outlined material reasons as to why this condition should not be amended.

Prior to this application been granted by Glasgow City Council, John Mason, MSP had written directly to Miller Homes to seek clarity on the proposed timetable for the completion of the Boghall Road.  Mr Mason was advised by Miller Homes that they anticipated to complete the road by the end of January 2015. This same timetable was also communicated to the planning committee as a carrot waiver to push through the modification to the condition to allow occupation of homes.

Now that Miller homes have been granted this permission to allow occupation of homes on the Ellismuir farm site they are not obligated or can be enforced to complete this section of Boghall Road until they have reach the maximum number of 50 home occupations.

Broomhouse Community Council will continue to seek clarification from DRS and LES at Glasgow city council to establish a completion date. We will also seek to lobby our local councillors David Turner & Marie Garrity to make representation to Miller Homes for a commitment on a completion date for this section of Boghall Road.

We would also urge local residents to voice your concerns directly with your local councillors.


Update on the development of Greenoakhill community woodland

We have received the following letter from Forestry Commission Scotland via Golley Slater:

20th January 2015

 Dear Sir/Madam

 Update on the development of Greenoakhill community woodland

 I am writing to give you an update on the community consultation conducted before Christmas to gather local opinion towards the potential development of Paterson’s landfill site into a community woodland for recreational and educational use.

 We would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and support in helping us reach local residents.  By sharing our research materials with your contacts, encouraging participation on your social media and giving us the opportunity to attend your meetings, it has provided invaluable feedback at this first stage in the development.

 Over the four week period, we gained feedback from 250 local people.  The initial response has been very positive with suggestions of what local people would like to see developed as part of the project.  Around three quarters (76%) of people said they would definitely use the site with the majority of the rest saying they would probably use the site. 70% of people felt the development of the community woodland was very important.

 As explained throughout the community consultations, Greenoakhill is a long term project with an anticipated time scale of twenty years to fully restore and complete. Our next step is to secure approval and funding for the project’s development. We are currently developing a report, which will include findings from the community consultation, and expect to find out whether the project is approved or declined in April.

 We will keep you updated on the outcome of this decision.  If the project is given the green light, we plan to hold a public meeting in May to update you on the design plans and time scales and answer any questions on the landfill restoration.

 STV is doing a news report on the project’s development which should be broadcast sometime this week – you might recognise some local faces.

 Again, many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

Kind regards

 Stuart Chalmers

District Forester

The original letter can be viewed here – Greenoahkill update 200115

Resident needed for STV Interview re Greenoakhill Community Woodland proposal

Hi Broomhouse

A reporter plans to interview Stuart Chalmers from Forestry Commission on Monday next week and get a tour of the proposed Greenoakhill Community Woodland site.

The news reporter is also keen to speak with a few local residents to get their view on the potential development and what it would mean for the local area etc.   Would you be happy to be involved in this? The reporter, Matty Sutton is looking to do an interview on Tuesday after 3pm or anytime on Wednesday next week.  She can come to you – or perhaps if a few people are happy to be interviewed, she could meet at a community hall / library etc.

If you would be happy to do this, please email us at newsletter@broomhouse.org

Below is an article the Evening Times on the current proposal  Landfill site could be children’s_ play area _ Evening Times


Refuse Collection

Remember Broomhouse, if your Blue bin normally goes out on a Friday, the collection has been delayed until tomorrow (Sunday).

Likewise for those who are due a Green bin collection next Friday (2nd January), this is delayed until Sunday 4th January.

A full list of the revised arrangements are below:

Refuse Collection

We hope this helps!


Whifflet Line – New Route

Whilst speaking to local residents it has become obvious to us that not everyone realises that the trains which pass through Baillieston and Mount Vernon stations now take a slightly different route, since the electrification of the line.

A full timetable can be found on Scotrail’s Lanarkshire Timetable or alternatively you may wish to use the Scotrail Journey Checker

The trains passing through Baillieston now stop at the following stations:

Mount Vernon
Argyle Street
Glasgow Central (Low Level)
Exhibition Centre

It’s worth noting that this service is now accessed via Glasgow Central Low Level.

Below is a route map for trains running between Whifflet and Milngavie: