Dear Broomhouse we need your help

Broomhouse Community Council are very low in members. Unless new people join the council,  unfortunately, we will have no choice but to disband the council. 

The general purpose of a Community Council is to ascertain, co-ordinate and express the wider views of the entire community within its boundaries. We also represent the community to the council on such matters as planning applications.

All that is required as a member is for you to attend the meetings during the year and help with events it is not too time consuming at all.

We normally meet the last Monday of every second month and our main focus is to represent the community at a local council level. In addition we arrange regular clean up days, Christmas parties and Summer fetes.

We have two more meetings this year. If anyone is interested in joining please come along.

Our next meetings are

Monday 01/10 at 19:30 and

Monday 29/10 at 19:30 (We will also be holding the AGM prior to this meeting at 19:00)

Kingston Bridge: M8 Newton Street On Ramp Refurbishment

Cope & Parapet Works

Scotland TranServ, on behalf of Transport Scotland, is proposing essential bridge refurbishment of the Kingston Bridge at the M8 Newton Street On Ramp.

The works will involve the removal of the original cope and parapet and the replacement of these with a design complying with modern standards.

We expect this extensive refurbishment programme will take up to 12 weeks to complete, commencing in late Autumn/Winter.


Traffic management solutions

In order to complete these works as quickly and safely as possible, it will be necessary to implement a series of traffic management solutions including running narrow lanes between 0600 and 2200.

Full overnight closures of the structure are also proposed between 2200 and 0600 each evening.

Please click on the button below to view further diversions details:


Further information

Should you require any further information on the proposed programme of works, then you can contact the Project Team directly.

To email your enquiry please click on the button below:


Bridge Works – Update

Network rail have announced today that the bridge on Muirhead Rd will re-open two weeks earlier than anticipated on the evening of Wednesday 15 August.

It is worth noting that while the road re-opens, work will continue for a further few weeks to fully finish the bridge works and to reinstate areas around the structure, fencing etc.

Disturbances on Broomhouse Crescent

Police Scotland attended the BCC meeting on 04/06/18 and advised that there have been several instances on Broomhouse Crescent with youths gathering and causing disturbances. If you see any suspicious activity or crowds gathering please contact the Police (101) as soon as you see any suspicious activity so they can respond promptly.

Broomhouse Summer Fete

Broomhouse Community Council are looking for local residents to help us arrrange our Summer Fete in Broomhouse Community Hall at the end of July.

What would you like to see at our Summer Fete?
Ideas, Requests, Offers to Help, all welcome.

Update on 310 Bus

As you will be aware, the upcoming road closure due to the Network Rail bridge replacement works at Muirhead Rd will result in the temporary withdrawal of the 310 bus service from Broomhouse. Following representation from the community and elected members, SPT have agreed with the support of Transport Scotland and Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc to provide a solution to overcome the problems this will cause for Broomhouse residents, especially those who do not drive.

It has been arranged that starting on Monday 12th Feb a FREE shuttle bus service will operate 3 times a day between Broomhouse and Morrisons in Baillieston. It will run 4 days a week (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays). The timetable is attached. Please share this with any Broomhouse residents you know who do not have access to social media and who would be likely to use the bus. It will also be displayed in the hall and Morrisons.

Please note that the service will initially run a 4-week trial to assess passenger usage. The service will be withdrawn should there be little/no demand during the trial 4 week period.

It will be a direct bus with no other routes or stops permitted.

Broomhouse Community Council wishes to express their thanks to the following parties for their interest, support and assistance with this;

Councillor Elaine Ballantyne
Wm Morrisons Supermarkets plc
Owen Campbell (Network Rail)
Transport Scotland


Muirhead Road Bridge Closure:

Thanks everyone for responding to our last post we have forwarded the comments on to Glasgow City Council. Please keep your comments coming in.

Due to the ongoing replacement of the bridge work on Muirhead Road, the bridge will be closed to traffic from 12/02/18 until 09/18. During this time all traffic to Baillieston will be diverted via Hamilton Road onto Mount Vernon Avenue.

The Bus service 310 will be withdrawn during this time period. Alternative bus routes that can be used are the 240 and 255 via Hamilton Road to Glasgow.

Broomhouse Community Council is working the Glasgow City Council, network Rail and McGills to find alternative solutions and we will keep you posted.

Please see the link to Network Rail letter for further detail –

Muirhead Road – Neighbour Notification

We will be discussing this issue at our next meeting on Monday 30th January 19:30 at the Broomhouse Hall. All are welcome.

Broomhouse, we need your help

With the work being undertaken to the railway bridge and subsequent withdrawal of the 310 bus service during the road closures from 12/02/18 for 7 months, the community council have been working with local councillors to find a solution, as the withdrawal of the bus is something we feel is unacceptable.

To help us highlight the need for the bus service to continue in some capacity during the 7 month road closure can we ask local residents to email us or post on our facebook details of when and why you use the bus service, and the impact its removal would have. This will then help us with our continued discussions with Glasgow City Council, Network Rail and McGills.

The next Community Council is on Monday 29th January at 19:30 in the Broomhouse Hall. All are welcome to attend, we have also asked Glasgow City Council, Network Rail and McGills to attend.

Thank you,

Eastbound Barrier Works – M8 Kingston Bridge South Approach

As part of Transport Scotland’s strategic trunk road maintenance programme, Scotland TranServ is supervising essential upgrading work to the cope and parapets on the M8 Kingston Bridge South Approaches.

Following successful completion of the westbound phase prior to Christmas, Raynesway Construction Ltd will now replace the edge coping, vehicle barriers and expansion joints on the East bound carriageway on the south approach structure. Traffic management will be implemented on the M8 eastbound carriageway from Sunday the 07th January 2018 with planned overall completion expected in March 2018.

In order to work as safely and efficiently as possible, it will be necessary to narrow the lanes on the bridge through the work zone with a reduced speed limit of 40mph.

To implement the narrow lanes and erect a temporary vehicle barrier, overnight closures of the east bound carriageway will be implemented on Sunday 7th to Wednesday 10th January. Traffic will be diverted onto local roads before joining the M8 eastbound carriageway beyond the works area.

We would advise motorists to always check latest roads information on or by following @trafficscotland on Twitter.

Overnight Closures for Kingston Bridge Lift

As part of Transport Scotland’s strategic trunk road maintenance programme, Scotland TranServ will next week supervise a significant element of the M8 Kingston Bridge South Approaches cope and parapet upgrading works.

In order to carry out this work it will be necessary to close the M8 Westbound and
M74 Southbound OVERNIGHT from 10.30pm on the evening of Tuesday 28th to 6am on the following morning of Wednesday 29th November.

Further info can be found at