Muirhead Road Bridge Closure:

Thanks everyone for responding to our last post we have forwarded the comments on to Glasgow City Council. Please keep your comments coming in.

Due to the ongoing replacement of the bridge work on Muirhead Road, the bridge will be closed to traffic from 12/02/18 until 09/18. During this time all traffic to Baillieston will be diverted via Hamilton Road onto Mount Vernon Avenue.

The Bus service 310 will be withdrawn during this time period. Alternative bus routes that can be used are the 240 and 255 via Hamilton Road to Glasgow.

Broomhouse Community Council is working the Glasgow City Council, network Rail and McGills to find alternative solutions and we will keep you posted.

Please see the link to Network Rail letter for further detail –

Muirhead Road – Neighbour Notification

We will be discussing this issue at our next meeting on Monday 30th January 19:30 at the Broomhouse Hall. All are welcome.

3 Replies to “Muirhead Road Bridge Closure:”

  1. The bus 310 is a local which goes to baillieston the 240 and 255 does not go to baillieston shocking that is bus is going to be off for this length of time as there are local people pensioners and children that rely on this bus toto get them to Morrisons and school is there nothing the community council can do to get this bus back on.

  2. Surely you can fight to get the 310 bus on or a replacement service. Our careless people in the community especially pensioners suffered terrible the last time. It’s going to make some people housebound for 7 months. It’s awful

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