Broomhouse, we need your help

With the work being undertaken to the railway bridge and subsequent withdrawal of the 310 bus service during the road closures from 12/02/18 for 7 months, the community council have been working with local councillors to find a solution, as the withdrawal of the bus is something we feel is unacceptable.

To help us highlight the need for the bus service to continue in some capacity during the 7 month road closure can we ask local residents to email us or post on our facebook details of when and why you use the bus service, and the impact its removal would have. This will then help us with our continued discussions with Glasgow City Council, Network Rail and McGills.

The next Community Council is on Monday 29th January at 19:30 in the Broomhouse Hall. All are welcome to attend, we have also asked Glasgow City Council, Network Rail and McGills to attend.

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  1. This is a serious concern not for myself personally, but I know of a few elderly residents in my estate who use this bus service on a daily basis to go about their business. I doubt they even know that the service is being withdrawn. I believe this will directly effect their independence and leave them vulnerable. This simply can’t be taken away, its not acceptable.

  2. There are so many elderly people around Broomhouse that rely on the 310 bus to get in their essential living things. Otherwise they will have to get taxi’s which could result in them getting less gas, electricity or food. Which is completely unacceptable, especially during this cold winter

  3. I’m lucky enough to drive but see the number of older people daily waiting for this bus when I walk my dog. They perhaps don’t have access to Facebook but still deserve to be considered. This is an unacceptable decision as there are alternative routes

  4. I am disabled and my elderly dad use the bus a couple of days in the week to get to Morrisons my daughter uses the bus as she works in baillieston the loss of the bus ment we had to pay £6 for taxi up and £6 for taxi home as my dad and I are unable to work to baillieston my father has COPD and I have a heart condition diabetes bone deterioration and other illnesses we are unable to attend the meeting unfortunately

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