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The network of Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers has played a major part in improving the local communities and contributing to increased levels of cleanliness city wide. The respective total number of NIVS city wide is now 800 and growing.

We have looked into Volunteers suggestions and are taking some of these forward that includes a new NIV Facebook Group.


Are you on Facebook ?   


Some NIV’s have already registered on the Glasgow Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers Group Facebook page, while others might not be aware of it. Would you like to join this?

The group will provide an opportunity for us to effectively communicate with one another, share knowledge and best practice and gain a better perspective of what’s going on across our city.

To Join, Head to 


With your on-going support and help, we look forward to continuing to make Glasgow an even better place to live, work and play.


with regards



Senior Neighbourhood Improvement & Enforcement Service Officer, North West & East

Community Safety Glasgow


727 London Road

Glasgow, G40 3AQ

0141 276 7555

Facebook –  CommSafetyGlasgow    Twitter – @CommSafetyGlasg


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