Woodland Trust Street Trees Project


Woodland Trust Street Trees Project – Ongoing
The Woodland Trust has launched a new project to help protect trees in the urban environment. The Street Trees project needs your help!
We’re entering into an exciting new era for your urban environment. We are looking for either existing community groups or groups of neighbours to come together and host events to celebrate their street trees, and show their appreciation of these trees to the local council.
Are trees right up your street?
Did you know that around 82% of people in the UK live in urban areas with even more spending much of their daily lives in town and cities?
“Trees play an integral role in UK culture; they are our roots in nature and make our world more habitable. But we take them for granted in our modern urban societies.”
If you recognise the beauty and value of trees in our urban areas, then the Street Trees project is right up your street.
What is the Street Trees project?
The Woodland Trust has a vision for the future of towns and cities, where people and trees live alongside each other in harmony. Trees have always been there for you; cleaning your air, cooling your streets, making sure the place looks classy. Now they’re in trouble and they need your help.
We are here to help communities and local authorities work together to find solutions that ensure the survival of our cherished trees. But we need your help to show how important your street’s trees are to you and your community. With the support of the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery we have created a Celebration Starter Kit for Street Trees, to help you celebrate the trees on your streets by holding events or parties that get your community together. The resource packs are full of materials to help you celebrate your trees, learn more, and show your council and neighbours how much you appreciate your trees. They are suitable for all ages and there’s also lots of information on practical ways to protect your trees and let your council know how important they are.
We also want to showcase inspiring ideas and events throughout the summer and autumn, and in November 2017 we’d like everyone that is participating in the project to show how much they care for their local trees by taking part in a tree dressing day as part of National Tree Week.  We’ll then celebrate the efforts of participants with an awards ceremony where the biggest and best events will be given the spotlight to shine.  The more groups that can get together and the more events and celebrations they can run the greater chance there is that their street will be chosen for an award.  It’s all about celebrating your community and showing your local government how important trees are to you.  It really is as simple as that.
You can apply by going onto our website and completing the online application form, ensuring that you answer all of the questions and provide as much detail as possible, and also upload a photo as well if you can.
We hope this will inspire you to apply to the Street Trees project. Find out more and apply for your Celebration Starter Kit today at https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/get-involved/street-trees