Scam ‘BT’ Email – Beware!

There is a scam email currently in circulation which pretends to originate from BT.

This email is NOT from BT and is a fake which if you click on the links, can potentially infect your device with malware and or a virus.

The email plays on your reactions, i.e. you see a potentially very large bill and panic and the scammers hope you go to investigate by clicking on the links and perhaps even filling in your account details, which the scammers will be logging.  This type of email is currently circulating and pretending it originates from BT, Vodaphone, O2 & Apple, to name just a few – don’t get caught out!

If you receive an email of this type, DO NOT CLICK on any of the links, instead immediately delete the email. If you do have an account with the company the email is ‘supposedly’ from, go to their website direct by typing in their address to your browser and logging in – this is far safer than clicking on any links.

The Sun Newspaper also reported this scam on April 2017 –

If you receive an email like this, you can report it to Action Fraud UK here –

Further information on how to deal with emails of this type can be found here –