Dog Fouling

Dog fouling is probably the most reported issue that we see at Broomhouse Community Council.

Anyone who has walked in the area of late can clearly see that this is particular issue right now.

The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and do clean up after their dogs, however there is a minority, some of whom actually live in Broomhouse who simply refuse to clean up after their pets.

Can we please ask that all dog owners respect Broomhouse and clean up after their pets.

Glasgow City Council have very clear guidelines on dog fouling:

Dog fouling in a public place is when an owner fails to remove their dog’s mess.

If your dog fouls in an open space, you must clean it up.

We provide litter and dog waste bins in many parks and public spaces.

You can also put bagged dog waste in your domestic refuse (green) bin.

The ‘bag it bin it’ campaign is actively promoted throughout the city and signs are mounted to lamp posts and affixed in problem areas.

If you do not dispose of this type of waste in the correct way and are caught, you could receive a fixed penalty notice of £80 issued under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003.

The penalty increases to £100 if not paid within 28 days.

You can report dog fouling in a public place using our online form.

You can also report dog fouling using our MyGlasgow app. You can download our app from your app store.

To report dog fouling using social media, follow our Environmental Task Force on Twitter @theenvtaskforce or on Facebook Envtaskforce.

You can also report dog fouling in a public place by phoning us on 0141 287 1059.

2 Replies to “Dog Fouling”

  1. There is at least one owner that does not pick up after their dog on Broomhouse Crescent and the path leading to the roundabout and the Avant houses. This disgusting reddish mess is particularly bad on the pathway. I suspect that they are nocturnal walkers as I have never witnessed anything when I walk my dogs. All dog owners are made to look like they might be responsible to passers by. PICK IT UP!

  2. The fence at the corner of Taylor wimped estate must have about 30 dog bags just threw there and left alongside empty buckfast bottles. So wish I could catch whoever this is I do have two suspects

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