Bailie Marie Garrity – November 2017 Update Report

Dear Colleagues

I have attached an update Report to be passed onto your members regarding areas of work that I have been and am still working on in the Bailieston Ward.

If I can provide any assistance in relation to any of these items or there are new enquiries that I can help you with, please contact me.

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Kind Regards

Bailie Marie Garrity

Baillieston Ward


Update from Bailie Marie Garrity – Bailieston Ward

Oct/ Nov 2016

Update Information


Loancroft Playpark upgrade An application from LES for funding will be submitted to the Baillieston Area Partnership for funding for the fence and also to replace the seats.



Fly tippers Community Safety Glasgow targeting culprits in flats on Hamilton Road – ongoing.


Changes to Main street parking meters Meters now up and running.  Enquiry received regarding drivers trying to avoid parking meters by parking on Main Street, between Martin Crescent and Dyke Street and this is causing obstruction.

LES Traffic and Road Safety have been requested to look into this and provide update.



Cycle Lane Hamilton Road Awaiting update on request for a cycle lane to be put on Ediburgh Road.


Church Street


Awaiting update of speed survey.


Swinton Primary School £30k has now been secured for improvements to the school and I am currently trying to get additional pod classrooms.


Budhill Park Requested clean up complete and awaiting info regarding missing gates.

Update: LES carried out work to strim and spray weeds surrounding play area.


Play area also fully swept and broken glass removed.


Litter bins emptied.


Wooden bench being repaired.


Funding for reinstatement of self-closing gates and installation of further play equipment to be considered from next year’s programme of works.


Gardners Lane Requested clean-up of dog foul complete and also regular Community Safety Glasgow patrols now scheduled to catch culprit owners.






Garrowhill Park Request to establish tennis courts in the park, Glasgow Life have advised that a business plan projection for operation of the site has been received from Sport Operations.  Essentially the existing community facility and staff will offer changing and toilet facilities as well as a supervisory role for the proposed new facility, in support of the open access approach to the courts and the proposed tennis coaching programme. There will be no additional revenue support required from Council.


The next sequence of actions will include the following, each of which will be co-ordinated by Glasgow Life Infrastructure Support:-

·         obtain Glasgow Life governance approval to proceed with the project

·         apply for capital funding contributions from both the LTA and sportscotland

·         Secure a GCC capital funding contribution via GCC ENV2 policy.





James Lindsay Park – request for community facility Discussion to begin shortly regarding a new community facility being built in the park, discussions to take place with various Council services and other organisations regarding funding for this much needed facility.


McGill’s bus service 310 Response from McGill’s Buses Ltd advising,


They were sorry to hear of the difficulties constituents had been experiencing whilst using the services of McGill’s Buses Ltd. The service had been affected by larger than normal passenger numbers and increased traffic congestion including road works.

The do their upmost to notify passengers when delays occur via their mobile app, twitter and website.

They have listened to passenger feedback and made necessary amendments to the 310 timetable.




Bus canopy at Loancroft Avenue


LES advised that community have agreed location for bus canopy and site meeting arranged with LES.  Site visit taking place today to discuss the placing of the bus stop.


Other ongoing work I have also requested environmental clear ups at various locations throughout the ward and also requests for housing issues.


Speed of buses and cars on Huntingtower Road Requested LES to carry out an assessment regarding this issue. This assessment will include a 48 hour covert speed survey and the injury accident records for this road will be investigated. The results of this assessment will determine if any speed reducing measures are required to be implemented on this road.


Caledonia Road infront of Bailieston Train Station – poor road surface Requested LES carry out inspection.

LES advised – Caledonia Road between Caledonia Drive and South Scott Street has been condition assessed and added to our list of works. The condition of the road will determine when this section of Caledonia Road will be resurfaced or included in a permanent patching programme.


During the inspection a defective roadside gully was identified opposite No.28 Caledonia Road. The gully has been added to an ongoing programme of maintenance works for repair.


Water running on land opposite No 10 Bailieston Road – Miller Homes


Requested LES investigate –

LES advised they had met with a representative from Miller Homes on 11 November 2016 to discuss the water runoff from the embankment opposite No.10 Baillieston Road. Miller Homes have accepted that a solution requires to be found and have advised that a filter trench will be installed to remove the water being discharge at this location. They have advised that they will endeavour to have the works undertaken by 30 November 2016.


Garrowhill Primary School


Concern had been raised regarding the speed of vehicles speeding outside the school and also parents stopping cars outside the school to drop of children, causing obstruction.


LES requested to provide solution and various measures in place such as:


Traffic Wardens visiting area to fine drivers parking on keep clear signs


Schools Road Safety Team developing a School Travel and Road Safety plan


Bailie Garrity will continue to work with LES Roads Team to implement a drop off point for parents to use.



Over 80s Affordable Warmth Dividend 2016-17


Bailie Garrity has emailed this to Community Council’s and Tenants and Residents and people who received this last year will be receiving a letter which they should sign and return.


Please contact me if there are any issues that you require assistance for:-

Councillor Marie Garrity

Bailieston Ward

Tel No.  0141 287 4909


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