Briar Homes Planning Permission

Briar Homes have provided the community with some presentation boards and documents outling their plans for new housing in Broomhouse, in a site bounded by Boghall, Daldowie & Hamilton Rd’s. Please see link below for further info.

Briar Homes Presentation Boards

Please leave any constructive comments below and we will pass to the developers.


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  1. Before we start building even MORE houses in this area, let’s try and keep some green space, build a much needed daily shop for essentials and provide another access route up towards Bailleston Main Street. The only route up to Caledonia and st Francis primary is up by the railway bridge which is already congested with all of the new houses recently built. It is an unsafe walking route and the traffic in the morning up to the bridge and turning up south scott street is a nightmare.

  2. I don’t see plans for the semi detached housing proposed which backs onto the railway line? Will this be a cheaper type of housing?

    What will the guideline of the housing proposed by Briar?

    AlSo with this new housing provision proposed can briar homes not be given as part of their planning provision that they have to build an area for small shops?

  3. Will the path under the railway be improved? In bad weather, particularly in the winter it cannot be used due to serve flooding.

    Also, when will the amenities for the whole Broomhouse area be looked at? The population has exploded in the last 10 years but no shops etc have been provided. If you look at developments in other parts of Scotland, eg Larbert schools, shops and restaurants are included even if developed by multiple builders

  4. I see that there is space left for the park and ride that I have heard nothing more about? Also would be good to get walking route to station avoiding that accursed bridge!

    1. Hi James,

      Unfortunately, according to the glasgow planning website the consultation for this planning application has ended. You can see comments raised regarding the application on the Glasgow planning site here –

      The reference to search for is 16/03252/DC

      There is a broomhouse community council meeting at the end of January. We will raise the application during that meeting and include the latest information we get from the councillors in the minutes and website.

      Thanks for contacting us.


  5. Hi Are the semi detached and terraced house social housing? Amnenities are becoming a much needed requirement now as there are 100’s more houses in this area. What are the planning requirements for this provision? And if the developers can ‘answer’ a question it would be greatly appreciated!! Of course I am too late with any of these questions as the council and the developers have made their decision a very long time ago!!!

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