House-breaking/Burglary/Sneak-in thefts

We are acutely aware that there has been a significant rise in house/property crime and attempted crime in the Broomhouse area lately.

For the most part this has not involved actual forced entry, rather it is opportunist but very persistent criminals who take advantage of open door’s and window’s etc. From reports we have been provided with, these criminals have operated in groups of two or three, one acting as a look-out whilst others attempt to gain entry via door’s or windows.

It s very important to note that this is NOT a problem just in Broomhouse or the surrounding locale, in fact it is happening all across Glasgow.

In Broomhouse however we are an active community and we are able to spread the word about this kind of crime very quickly to our residents, through our network of contacts.

Over the past few years we have continually received the same advice from the Police and it is very clear:

Ensure ALL windows and doors remain locked at all times.  This is far from perfect or a situation in which anyone wishes to live but the harsh reality of the modern UK dictates this.

If a criminal wishes to gain entry to your house there is actually very little that can be done to completely prevent this but you can take some measures to reduce his/her chances or to act as a deterrent:

  • Ensure ALL windows and doors remain locked at all times
  • Fit a visible alarm system, ensure your alarm is regularly maintained and actually turn it on.  We cannot recommend an alarm fitter but we can put you in contact with a number of companies who are already prevalent in the area and who offer a monitoring service linked to the emergency services.
  • If you already have an alarm system, you may have a function to set a ‘chime’ to activate when an exterior door is opened.  This feature is already built into many alarm systems but tends to be switched off by default.  Speak to your alarm provider, its a very useful function to know that your door has just been opened.
  • You may also consider fitting a CCTV system to act as a further visual deterrent
  • You may also consider fitting a security light which activates with motion
  • You may also consider changing your door locks to a more secure type – Avocet Anti-bump locks
  • Don’t leave valuable items on show, in your garden or in your car
  • Before you go to bed at night, have a final check of doors and windows, including garages, shed’s and car’s.

If you see or suspect any suspicious behaviour, do not hesitate to contact Police Scotland on 999 in an emergency.  If you hear an alarm going off, investigate only if it is safe to do so.

Do not be a hero, possessions can always be replaced but it’s simply not worth tackling a criminal who may be armed or dangerous, call the Police on 999 immediately if your property is compromised in anyway.  We have been advised by the police in the past that these criminals should not be approached.  

Please let us know of any criminal activity you are aware off, we will always protect your anonymity but will ensure the key message is spread throughout our community.


BCC AGM & Monthly Meeting – 26th October

The Broomhouse Community Council AGM and regular monthly meeting will be held in Broomhouse Hall at 19:30 on Monday 26th October 2015.

The latest minutes, forthcoming agenda and an action log can be found on our website – Meeting Minutes

More than ever the community needs your help, our membership is at an all time low and we are set to lose yet more members, simply put, if new members do not come forward from within the community, the CC will cease to exist.

The ask is no more than 2 or 3 hours of your time per month which includes regular attendance at our monthly meetings.

In essence the CC is made up of local residents who have one main aim which is to seek to improve and enhance the local area and environment for the benefit of all of our residents.  

Please consider coming along and signing up to be a member.

thanks sincerely