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We have received the below correspondence from John Mason MSP

Dear John Mason MSP


The Action Earth environment volunteering campaign would like to ask for your assistance. 


We offer easy-to-access grants of up to £500 to help groups of volunteers to improve their local green spaces and we keen to increase the number of applications we have from your local constituents.


Would you be able to forward the information in the attached PDF of our flyer (or text version below) on to any relevant local organisations, groups or volunteers that you have knowledge of/work with that may be interested in applying for one of our grants? We would especially like to see applications from lower SIMD areas but will consider applications outwith those areas too.


It’s not just green groups that we are support – we have approved applications from Alzheimer’s support groups, disability-related projects, organisations dealing with homeless people and those overcoming substance issues, student groups, housing associations and many more.  We would love to be mentioned in people’s e-bulletins, websites and social media sites and hope you may be able to mention us in yours? There may also be groups that you are part of in your own free time. I am happy to chat to anyone at any stage of the application process.


If you have any suggestions for groups to contact or would like more information about Action Earth, please let me know.  Many thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.


Regards Robert Henderson (contact details below)



Grab a Grant for Autumn!


Action Earth is helping to get people and communities busy outdoors.  The campaign has grants to give to groups of volunteers who are carrying out environmental projects in Scotland.


  • Grants from £50 to £250 are available for practical activities that involve volunteers in improving outdoor spaces or creating habitats for wildlife. Grants can be used to purchase plants, tools and materials or to cover volunteer expenses.


  • If your group is volunteering on a Local Nature Reserve we can give you up to £500 for practical work, wildlife recording or educational activities that encourage more people onto the reserve.


The campaign is run by Volunteering Matters (formerly known as CSV) from April to December each year and is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.


If you have any questions contact Robert Henderson

on T: 0131 622 7766 or


For more information

and to apply online go to: Earth Flyer pdf63


Action Earth Flyer pdf63

Please also see Action Earth Website