Update on the development of Greenoakhill community woodland

We received the below update from consultants Golley Slater:

Hi BCC, hope you are well.

We wrote to you in January to give you an update on where we are in the development phase of potentially transforming Paterson’s landfill site into a community woodland for recreational and educational use.

As explained throughout the community consultations, Greenoakhill is a long term project with an anticipated time scale of twenty years to fully restore and complete. 

The project has a number of key steps to be resolved and we are working very hard behind the scenes to progress this complex project.

One of these key steps has been to reach an agreement with SEPA about how the project could allow public access on the restored landfill.  The access will be controlled in the initial few years with increasing access as the gas production on the site stops.

We hope to be able to report back later in the summer to let local residents know how the project will proceed.

As mentioned in our January communication, if the project is given the green light we will hold a public meeting to give local residents the opportunity to see the proposed design plans, time scales and answer any questions on the landfill restoration.

Again, many thanks for your enthusiasm and interest in this project. Please share this email with local community groups and on your Facebook page.

Kind regards

Stuart Chalmers

District Forester

Scottish Lowlands Forest District

Forestry Commission Scotland


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