Flooding between Mount Lockhart estate and Greenoakhill estate

At the rear of North Calder Place, there is a strip of land which sits higher than the houses on North Calder Place.  Higher still sit the houses in the Greenoakhill estate.

In April 2010, Glasgow City Council DRS department granted planning permission to Glasgow City Council under application no. 10/01010/DC for the formation of a bund and associated landscaping.  This was to alleviate flooding in the exact strip of land between the two estates.




Note section 6 Detailed Description of Proposed Development – “Creation of an earth bund in land to reduce the risk of flooding to the surrounding residential area, and associated landscaping.”

As far as we know this work went ahead and was successful.  Approx one year later someone else came along with surveying equipment and excavators and dug a trench from the strip of land down towards Boghall/Daldowie Rd and eventually down to Hamilton Rd.  This trench was shaped to allow water to flow naturally down the hill to the sewer system on Hamilton Rd, it removed the large build up of water from the strip of land to the rear of North Calder Place, again we believe this was working fairly well (although we don’t know who carried out this work as we cant find an associated planning application).

Since the works begun (and subsequently have stopped) to realign Boghall Rd this trench has been blocked and has effectively been turned into a moat, thus causing significant flooding issues on the strip of land to the rear of North Calder Place.  Our residents in this area also tell us that their gardens are also now flooded.

We will be asking our local councillors for help to resolve this situation for our residents.

Below is the strip of land between the two estates.


This is the trench that was excavated to allow the water to flow away naturally. The trench is approx 3 to 4 feet deep.






Here the trench has been blocked since the works on Boghall Rd realignment begun, thus the water has nowhere to go…IMAG1152


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