Why has work stopped on Boghall Rd Realignment?

We have recently been inundated by questions from concerned local residents asking why the works on the Boghall Rd Realignment have stopped.  We hope the below explains the situation.

Modification of Planning Obligation



Glasgow City Council granted modification to condition no 7 of 10/00056/DC on the 4th November 2014.

Condition No 7 States the following;

No work shall start on site in implementation of this permission until an application for full planning permission has been submitted to the planning authority for the upgrade of the western section of Boghall Road, between Hamilton Road and the section that has already been upgraded by Bellway Homes. Thereafter, no homes shall be occupied on the Ellismuir Farm site until the upgrading work to the road has been completed and the traffic calming measures in Condition 04 (m) implemented”.

Reason; to make sure that the local road network can absorb the traffic that is predicted to be generated by the development, in the interests of pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Miller Homes submitted an application to Glasgow City Council to have this condition modified to allow occupation of homes in advance of the completion of the upgraded western section of Boghall Road. Glasgow City Council granted permission to allow modification to this condition and allow up to 50 homes to be occupied on the Ellismuir Farm site. This approval by GCC was in spite of a long campaign by Broomhouse Community Council and over 20 objections letters submitted to GCC planning committee which outlined material reasons as to why this condition should not be amended.

Prior to this application been granted by Glasgow City Council, John Mason, MSP had written directly to Miller Homes to seek clarity on the proposed timetable for the completion of the Boghall Road.  Mr Mason was advised by Miller Homes that they anticipated to complete the road by the end of January 2015. This same timetable was also communicated to the planning committee as a carrot waiver to push through the modification to the condition to allow occupation of homes.

Now that Miller homes have been granted this permission to allow occupation of homes on the Ellismuir farm site they are not obligated or can be enforced to complete this section of Boghall Road until they have reach the maximum number of 50 home occupations.

Broomhouse Community Council will continue to seek clarification from DRS and LES at Glasgow city council to establish a completion date. We will also seek to lobby our local councillors David Turner & Marie Garrity to make representation to Miller Homes for a commitment on a completion date for this section of Boghall Road.

We would also urge local residents to voice your concerns directly with your local councillors.


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    David J Turner‎Broomhouse Community Council
    7 mins ·

    Dear Councillor Turner

    DRS MLU 05729


    I refer to the above enquiry, and would apologise for the delay in reply.

    In regard to the enquiry, the completed section of Boghall Road could only commence once Miller Homes obtained planning permission (10/00056/DC) for their Ellismuir Road development, which was only obtained in 2013.

    The Council issued a modification (14/00359/DC) to the above planning permission in November 2014 in order to allow occupation of a limited number of the houses at Ellismuir in advance of the upgrade of Boghall Road.

    Neighbour notification was carried out in accordance with planning regulations, and neighbours and occupiers within 20 metres of the application site were notified; a newspaper notice was also published.

    The decision taken by the Applications Committee was in light of Miller Homes commencing works in the autumn of 2014 with an anticipated completion date of June 2015. Millers also accelerated their construction programme in an effort to complete works in the winter of 2014. Whilst this deadline was missed, the road is close to completion and representatives of Millers have told me that they now expect to open the road in the spring 2015.

    Roads (Transport Planning) had no objections against the modification, subject to a maximum of 119 houses being occupied prior to the upgrade of the road. Whilst the modification allows Miller to occupy up to 50 homes, this is lower than threshold acceptable to Roads, and it is considered that this provides sufficient flexibility to Miller Homes to progress the Ellismuir development, whilst assuring local residents that the upgraded road will be completed.

    I also understand that no houses built by Miller Homes have been occupied on the Ellismuir site.

    Construction works must comply with health and safety legislation, in particular, Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007, and this is not a matter for the planning authority. Notwithstanding, I have forwarded your concerns to Miller Homes, and will arrange for contact to be made with them in order that the perimeter fence and pond is secured. .

    I trust this is sufficient for your purposes at this time but if you require anything further or wish clarification on any point, please do not hesitate to contact DRS MLU

    Yours sincerely

    Forbes Barron

    Head of Planning and Building Control

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