Disgraceful condition of pavements in Broomhouse

BCC have reported the disgraceful condition of the pavements on Hamilton Road to both Glasgow City Council & Patersons of  Greenoakhill – an appropriate response is awaited.



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  1. Shame on you Pattersons, shame on you Glasgow City Council , and shame on you SEPA for failing the residents of this neighbourhood by doing nothing whatsoever to remedy the filthy environment that long-suffering residents are expected to live in. You are all guilty of dereliction of duty.

    Not only are our pavements absolutely filthy, so too are the roads and it is impossible to for cars and our house windows to be kept clean. And when the warmer weather comes all the mud on the road and pavements will turn to dust and be blown into our houses when we open our windows.

    This sorry state of affairs is an absolute disgrace and perhaps the time has arrived for the newspapers and TV news to be invited to Broomhouse so that they may witness the disgusting state of Broomhouse for themselves. The City Council, SEPA and Pattersons need to be shamed into taking remedial action.


    Dear Councillor Turner

    I refer to your undernoted email regarding traffic issues on Hamilton Road.

    I can advise that, the proposed changes to the traffic layout of Hamilton Road will help alleviate the problems your constituent is experiencing. These proposals, which include the introduction of cycle lanes, will dissuade HGV drivers from parking their vehicles in this location. Please note that, as there are developer proposals to tie in to existing Scottish Water infrastructure on Hamilton Road and the timing of this work is still to be confirmed, is it likely to be towards the end of the financial year before this Service’s proposed improvement works will commence.

    In the meantime, I will arrange for the footways on Hamilton Road to be cleaned.”

    I trust the foregoing is of assistance;

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